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Holland Party

Barely cleaned up from my TEST NEST I started preparing for a Holland “show and tell” party with a small group of close friends. I was excited to share with them the green cheese that I found abroad as well as other yummy “authentic” Holland treats. Holland is famous for four types of cheeses, which I brought home: Gouda, Edam, Beemster and Lindburger (strong stuff). I also brought home stropwaffles (thin waffles sliced in half and filled with caramel sauce — oh soooo good), Dutch pancake mix (best way to describe their pancakes is a mix between American pancakes and crepes) and Chocomel, which is their Nestle for chocolate milk.

I hope to have a Dutch themed TEST NEST sometime in the fall since the recipes are a little more hearty. Here are pictures of Dutch Split Pea soup with Sausage and a traditional Asparagus dish.

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