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Apple S’Mores

The October issue of the Food Network Magazine had a calendar page called “An Apple A Day” with 31 ways to add apples to your daily meals. I loved this feature since many of the suggestions sounded fantastic to me and made me really excited for Fall. One idea in particular would only be fun with friends. My friend Mala and I recently took a trip to DC to visit Hillary and had Darla join us on Sunday for our night snack. We made Apple S’mores, a fall twist on the campfire version. I strongly suggest making these – definitely 5 Star! Oh, and get some GOOD ginger snaps, or make them, but make sure they are crunchy.

Other ideas from the calendar that I intend on trying (and that you should as well – report back if you try any of them):
1) Make Apple Chips
2) Make chunky applesauce. Stir chunky applesauce into butternut squash or sweet-potato soup.
3) Serve apple pie with a thin slice of cheddar cheese on each piece: warm pie in oven at 250 until cheese melts.
4) Toss apple slices into your favorite macaroni and cheese before serving – it’ll taste like apples dipped in fondue.
5) Wrap thin wedges of Golden Delicious Apples in prosciutto (I think would also be good with bacon or speck) and serve as hors d’oeuvres.
6) Fill an omelet with thinly sliced apples, Black Forest ham and brie.
7) Slice an apple horizontally; toss with lemon juice. Layer the slices with goat cheese, bacon, olive oil, salt and pepper.
8) Toss 2 diced apples and some baby spinach with lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper, blue cheese and walnuts.
9) Make apple “mojitos”: Shake 3 ounces apple juice, some lime juice, ice and mint in a shaker. Pour and top with ginger ale (I might make this for a November TEST NEST).
10) Make apple butter – then turn a PB&J; into PB&A;: Replace the jelly with apple butter (or buy it).

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  1. dutchgirl89 (November 15, 2010)

    I will see if I can try the golden delicious apples in prosciutto when I go home for Thanksgiving. I am intensely curious about that one. I wonder if maybe if maybe even broiling it for a few minutes would make it taste good, too?

  2. Hilary (November 15, 2010)

    WOW! I sure kept a low profile in that video. Are you even sure I was THERE? With all of your fancy editing, are you sure you didn't just photoshop me in (in the beginning segment)?

    Anyway, amazing video, Amber, and I am very glad to have hosted such a gastronomically historic event!

  3. Mala Grewal (March 22, 2011)

    Wow, I had no idea this would be my opportunity for stardom. Good thing I applied my make-up and consulted with the costume director before filming. These gingersnaps were amazingly delicious. Happy Fall!

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