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Fall Delights – Apple a Day

So you might remember the previous post about getting an “Apple a Day” from the Food Network Magazine. I had a bushel of apples from apple picking (hard work climbing those trees to get the good ones). I tried making Apple Chips, but they didn’t turn out incredibly well for me. I couldn’t slice them thin enough, so maybe by next year I’ll have a better tool for that. I made a salad with apples, spinach, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper, blue cheese and walnuts and it was yummy. I did the apple mojitos at the last TEST NEST. I tried the omelet with sliced apples, Black Forest ham and brie – I think we needed to add even more brie since it is so mild, but it was pretty good, I’d give it a 3.5. I made a couple recipes of apple sauce. I added apples to my oatmeal and I also made Applebutter (5 Star) to make a PB&A; instead of PB&J; and it was yummy. Here are a few of those recipes.

Vanilla Applesauce, (4 Stars) and Roasted Applesauce (5 Stars)

I’ve made the roasted applesauce before, but I wanted to make it again for testers. I gave my testers a small bowl of each and had them rate both at the same time. The vanilla one is really yummy and light, but the vanilla bean doesn’t come through strong enough. The roasted applesauce is sweet, full of flavor and easy since you don’t have to peel and slice the apples, plus it makes the house smell so good as well.

Ravioli with Sage-Walnut Butter (5 Stars)

There are quite a few babies being born at church and I try to take dinner to the families. I made this dish for Emily who is vegetarian. I ate a small portion to make sure it tasted okay as I was skeptical of the balsamic vinegar in it, and it was very tasty. Both Jeff and Emily have asked me for the recipe and said they loved it so I’m giving it a 5 star since I’m looking forward to making it again.

Caramel Apple Cake (5 Stars)

I made this for Suzi and my quaint dinner party Halloween night. It is messy to make but very, very, very yummy (and fattening but since its homemade caramel, I’m convinced its healthier). It was a crowd pleaser and I didn’t have to push too hard for everyone to eat seconds so that I would have to take it home since it would be too messy to transport.

Beef with Apples and Sweet Potatoes (4 Stars)

This is really easy to make in the Crock-Pot and think of making a typical roast dinner and substitute everything for sliced apples and cubed sweet potatoes or you can also use canned. Slice two small onions and put on bottom. Top with beef roast, beef broth, garlic, salt, thyme, pepper. Cook on low 8 hours. I’d suggest adding the apples and potatoes half way through so they keep their form. Combine 1 T. cornstarch, 1/2 t. cinnamon and 2 T. water to make a sauce an serve over the beef, sweet potatoes and apples.

Slow-Cooker Squash Stew (5 Stars)

This is yummy, hearty and has a little kick to it. I like how easy it is to make and I ended up having quite a bit of leftovers, but was excited to eat lunch. I made some bread in the breadmaker. I also served this with the spinach, apple and blue cheese salad from the Apple a Day challenge.

Tomato-Basil Parmesan Soup (5 Stars)

I saw a story about Charlene Renberg Winters in my BYU Alumni magazine – she make a crock-pot recipe every day for a year and then published a cookbook…hmmm. So I made this recipe and I agree it is a 5 Star. I love cooking in the crock-pot so I might even buy her cookbook.

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