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Christmas Day Brunch and Dinner

I went to Michigan for Christmas with my brother Bill’s family. I offered to cook Christmas Dinner so that Tammy wouldn’t have to and went over options with her so I’d make a great dinner that the kids would also enjoy. They invited the missionaries and a widow from their congregation to join us. I didn’t realize until I started making dinner that almost every dish had a little bit of sugar in it, oops, I rarely cook that way. It was all very yummy though so I guess the sugar overload was worth it. All of these recipes came from a community cookbook that we put together at the center I worked at during college.

Cranberry Marin Salad (3 Stars)

Caramelize walnuts and

Was really good, but need to make it again to do the dressing right since Tammy didn’t have a blender so I improvised on the dressing.

Ham with Mustard Sauce (5 Star)

I learned from the last time I mad Ham in the Crock-Pot that it drys it out to cook long, since it is already pre-cooked it really just needs to be heated and flavored so I only put it in for 4 hours on low with about 2 cups of juice which I brushed on. Then I served it with this yummy mustard sauce of brown sugar, eggs, mustard, apple cider vinegar that you boil and simmer to thicken then serve.

Southern Sweet Potatoes (4 Stars)

This is very sweet but very yummy. It could be a dessert so next time I’m going to cut out some of the sugar and also increase the potatoes so that the crumb topping doesn’t take over the natural sweetness of the potatoes. After cooking the sweet potatoes, mash with butter, eggs, and vanilla and put in casserole dish. Sprinkle crumb topping of butter, brown sugar, flour and nuts on top.

Baked Carrots (4 Stars)

Carrots are already yummy, but add some butter, cinnamon and brown sugar and bake them for an hour and they become amazing.

Magleby’s Breadsticks (5 Stars)

One of the best restaurants near Brigham Young University is Magleby’s and they have the best breadsticks. This recipe tries to recreate them. I used artisan Rhodes roles and rubbed (had my little helpers do this and they loved getting messy) with butter, parmesan cheese, mayo, garlic powder and dried parsley. Sure are yummy!

Strawberry Cheese Cake Trifle (throw)

This was not a cheesecake so the title is misleading and ended up not really being or tasting as I hoped it would. It was still yummy but didn’t do for me what I wanted it to in either a trifle taste or a cheesecake taste.

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