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Spring Brunch

I really enjoyed doing a brunch menu last year and wanted to make sure to fit one in this year. I might try to do another one in September. The baked eggs were yummy, yummy, definitely a recipe I’ll be adding to my selections for breakfast when hosting visitors.  Attendees were Marcus Bowers (thanks for taking the fabulous pictures Marcus), Jason Robertson, Amber Mackay, Morgan Bassett, Vicki Walters, Brian Austin and Alpha Smoot (who also took a few photos with her iPhone and then edited and cropped. Her photos have a white border). I’m so lucky to have photographer friends!

Mocktail: Blood Orange Sparkle (3 Stars)

A virgin twist of the popular Brunch mimosa, this creation didn’t work as well as others I’ve tried. But of course my testers gave some great suggestions. I mixed blood orange juice with ginger ale and a couple tablespoons of orange flower water. Suggestions included making a blood orange syrup to add to the juice, adding seltzer and some orange bitters or a raspberry puree.

1st Course: Baked Eggs with Spinach and Toast (5 Stars)

YUMMY and EASY and as I mentioned above, will become a popular dish to make for guests…and maybe even myself on a regular basis. Served in individual ramekins, the mix of butter, spinach, salt, pepper, cream make these eggs divine and well rounded. Guests liked the interactive nature of the dish by dipping the toasts.  Suggestions to add some garlic to the spinach to make flavor pop and we decided the best toast complement would be a rosemary bread toasted with gruyere cheese on top.

Boil 2 pounds spinach for about 4 minutes, drain and squeeze to remove excess water, then chop coarsely. Cover bottom of prepared ramekin with spinach, dot with ½ t. butter cut into bits, break an egg into ramekin, sprinkle with salt and pepper and drizzle with 1 t. cream. Bake about 15 minutes.

2nd Course: Citrus Salad (3 Stars)

Arugula leaves, grapefruit, orange, sliced dates and marcona almonds tossed with raspberry and grapefruit vinaigrette – a beautiful presentation but needed more vinaigrette. Tester suggestions included tossing the greens with the vinaigrette and also the other ingredients and then add together so the vinaigrette is stronger and complements the mix of flavors.

3rd Course: Breakfast Blintzes with Caramelized Rhubarb and Sour Cream (4.5 stars)

The rhubarb sauce in this recipe is fabulous! The sour cream is also a perfect compliment to the dish. These were almost a five star and then we agreed there was definitely room for improvement on this dish. It was really difficult to work with the blintzes and keep them together in the pan, maybe folding them and topping with a cream cheese mixture (like cheese blintzes) and the sauce would be best. Have you ever had dutch pancakes? They are in between a crepe and pancake – this recipe would also be good as a dutch pancake.

I served a Chai Rooibos tea with the blintzes. I have a recipe to make one but I couldn’t find plain rooibos and was able to find a loose chai rooibos at Whole Foods. It is really good – I’d give it a 5 star!

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  1. Mary (June 13, 2011)

    looks beautiful and delicious.

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