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Super Bowl XLVI – Giants vs. Patriots

Suzi Yebio hosted the Super Bowl this year so I had a lot of food to cart down to her fabulous apartment, but thankfully I had a lot of help. Keeping with the tradition we started last year, Morgan found some bingo sheets online, we had 4 versions this year. It was so much fun and I love playing bingo, keeps the crew more attentive to the game and a little friendly competition is always great.

Brisket in Onion-Ale Barbecue Sauce (4 Star)

This brisket was good but it’s not as good as my favorite 5 star brisket recipe. The onions do give this dish a nice zing, but otherwise the flavors weren’t complex and it was a great brisket but not the hit of the night. The house sure did smell good though.

White-bean dip with Toasted Pita Chips  (3 star)

No one really ate it. It’s a good change to hummus but I wanted more flavor (could add more chili powder) and a thinner consistency.

Chex Chocolate School Fuel Mix (4.5 stars)

Back in college I had a job going around to grocery stores and doing samples/tastings for different brands. I loved it and this chocolate take on a traditional chex mix was my favorite. It took me a bit to find the recipe, but I love it. Its sweet and salty and perfect for a party. It reminded my roommate Amber of her favorite chex party mix and so we made that the following week (GET RECIPE)

French Chocolate Brownie (4 Stars)

I had this recipe that I pulled out of the NY Times years (can’t find online). Even though this was 4 Stars it didn’t stand out to me above other recipes and it had to bake for an hour, which is just too long to wait for brownies.

We also had a sampling of other food items like pizza, hot dogs with JDawg sauce, Suzi’s amazing trifle and lots of brownies.

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