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St. Patty’s Day Kid Party

I had the pleasure of spending a couple weeks in Michigan babysitting my niece and nephews. Its always a little difficult cooking for kids – I want to still be adventurous and they don’t like anything. I always take a slew of recipe options and my sister-in-law helps me choose the best options. My youngest nephew is the most picky but he loved a couple things that I made…and for some reason that feels more rewarding than all of the other 5 Stars!

Last time I babysat we did a special party for the kids so I wanted to throw them a St. Patty’s Day Party. We had a blast. They each invited a few friends, helped make the food and I was really proud of the teenage boys being cool about playing our fun games: capture the shamrock, hide the pot of gold, and duck duck leprechaun.

I also made them green eggs and ham for breakfast. Fun times.

Triple-chocolate Brownies (5 Star)

These were so good. There is a hidden, healthy ingredient in them (black beans lower the fat calories) and I thought they were going to be gross but they were actually really quite amazing. They were the first thing to go at the party so they are kid friendly (he he).

Chocolate Banana Pops (throw)

Guacamole (throw)

Shamrock Cupcakes (xx)

Chocolate cake with a buttercream frosting

Other amazing kid-tested recipes that I made while I was in Michigan that got lots of yums from the kids

Jerk Pork Wraps with Lime Mayo (xx)

Barbecue-Chutney Chicken (5 Star)

This is a slow cooker recipe and its soooo yummy and easy. The mango chutney gave it a nice kick without too much heat. Rather than serve with rice, I served this with Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Pineapple (4 Stars). The two recipes together were quite complimentary. Mango sticky rice would also go well with it.

Creamy Pasta with Lemon-Pepper Chicken (5 Stars)

My nephew JJ is the pickiest eater of the bunch and this was his favorite thing. He wanted the leftovers for dinner every night instead of the new dishes I had prepared (but I didn’t give in).

Glazed Cinnamon Rolls with Pecan Swirls (4 Stars)


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