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Sally’s Baby Shower

When I learned that my best friend Sally Atkinson was pregnant, I started the planning for the baby shower. They decided not to find out the gender and at 1st I wasn’t excited about coming up with ideas for the shower, but then I got inspired by the popular spring colors (red, yellow, green) and lots of ideas started coming together. I had a lot of fun shopping for the decorations for the shower.

I couldn’t have done this amazing shower without the help of some amazing friends (Erica Gardner, Katherine Lum, Mala Grewal, Jami Gordan-Smith, Amber Robinson and Karen Collier), and it came together so perfectly and the food was a hit. For the next shower I might not be quite as adventurous on the menu (a little too much going on)…but that’s just my style.

Grilled Carrot Salad with Brown Butter Vinaigrette (4.5 Stars)

Had some difficulty with the dressing (after it sat it was too thick), so had to add a little more butter and also added a little bit of olive oil (which the recipe doesn’t call for). But this salad was really great, it looked amazing and everyone was raving about it. The nuttiness of the vinaigrette against the bitterness of the arugula was a win. This was also a perfect dish for spring and the colors made it a perfect outdoor dish as well.

Cornmeal Pancakes with Lemon-Sage Brown Butter (5 Stars)

The pancakes was the dish that everyone talked the most about at the shower (well, besides the egg cups) and I would make these again, in fact, I wanted to make them again right after the shower. I had this recipe on the list for a while, I thought the syrup sounded so yummy and also intriguing with the sage. Once the butter cooled it also thickened so best to serve immediately and maybe not for a buffet. One tip – add the maple syrup as well. A bite with just the sage brown butter is amazing, but with the additional kick of the maple syrup…that is what makes these a winning 5 star dish.

Denver Omelet Egg Cups (5 Stars)

I would definitely make these again and again. Easy to make for a crowd. It would be a good Bed and Breakfast breakfast recipe to make. Definitely a good one to make when guests in town for a Saturday breakfast. I made and served mine in ramekins since didn’t have  jumbo cupcake pan and needed to cook 14 at the same time. However, these were a little to time consuming for the shower with the other items…but it sure was worth it.

Erica made the cupcakes, Sally’s sister did the dip and peppers, Jami made the fruit salad. Mala’s great style came through with the flower arrangements and Karen’s gorgeous backyard and apartment made this all possible.

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