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Annual TONY’s Party

I’ve been hosting a TONY’s party for the past 8 years. Started with Sally Atkinson and Hilary Johnson Ayer, its been a special party for the three of us who started our NYC adventures together in 2003 and had a common love for Broadway. The past couple years we’ve chosen to celebrate and watch in Times Square…but with the arrival of Sally’s new little one we decided it would be best to be inside with a little smaller of a group. We had a great group of Broadway lovers and samplings of lots of great little bites…and some friendly ballot competition as well.

I made a black bean dip, white bean salad and grilled sausages. Jason Bond made his famous stuffed mushrooms (eventually I’ll get him to share his trade secret with me). Justin Benson and James Kissel introduced us to tim tam slams (check this video out to learn how to do it: It added quite a bit of entertainment to the evening.

Lime-Spiked Black Bean Dip (4.5 Stars)

I would definitely serve this again…it went quickly and received a lot of commentary. I barely got to try any. A nice healthy alternative from fatty dips (only 19 calories). The picture doesn’t look nearly as amazing as it was. Just the perfect hint of lime and spice and it was creamy.

Spinach, White Bean, and Bacon Salad with Maple-Mustard Dressing (5 Star)

The maple syrup based dressing is perfect with the spinach and bacon. The beans, onions, and red pepper add depth…and of course it has BACON…the magical food that makes everything amazing.

Grilled Sausages with Browned Caramelized Onion (5 Stars)

I used this recipe as guidance, but I changed it a little bit, using only kielbasa and i didn’t use the caraway seeds since I didn’t have them and I added the wine to the onions so it would marinate them and cook out rather than at the end. I also added a little bit of J Dawgs sauce while cooking and also served along side of it as well as served with the mustard. This dish went way too quickly and I should have double or tripled it (cuz left over would have been welcome). Definitely a meat dish that I’d make again to serve for parties.

Congrats to all the TONY winners and to Sally, Tim, Mala, Nat, Steph, Sharon, Jason, Morgan, Kasey, Justin and James…see you next year!

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