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5 Stars
Annual TONY’s Party
I've been hosting a TONY's party for the past 8 years. Started with Sally Atkinson and Hilary Johnson Ayer, its been a special party for the three of us who started our NYC adventures together in 2003 and had a common love for Broadway.
Sally’s Baby Shower
When I learned that my best friend Sally Atkinson was pregnant, I started the planning for the baby shower. They decided not to find out the gender and at 1st I wasn't excited about coming up with ideas for the shower, but then I got inspired by the popular spring colors (red, yellow, green) and lots of ideas started coming together. I had a lot of fun shopping for the decorations for the shower.
St. Patty’s Day Kid Party
I had the pleasure of spending a couple weeks in Michigan babysitting my niece and nephews. Last time I babysat we did a special party for the kids so I wanted to throw them a St. Patty's Day Party. We had a blast eating and playing capture the shamrock, hide the pot of gold, and duck duck leprechaun.
Poach, Roast, Steam – Fall at its best!
My 1st time roasting a duck was a great experience. I’d definitely do it again…in fact, this Test Nest duck was better than any duck I’ve had at a restaurant.
Panini BOOffet Halloween Party
My roommate Amber Robinson and I both love fall and holidays and wanted to do a Halloween themed party…but we didn’t have time to do all of the work Test Nest style. I was looking through a booklet of Panini recipes and it hit me…lets do a Panini buffet…so the 1st Annual Panini BOOffet was born.
Sweet and Sage
With all of my canning projects and a really busy work schedule in September, I needed to take a break from Test Nest. October started back with a FALLabulous menu. My favorite time of the year, I was excited to test recipes influenced by fall’s best offerings.
BBQ Ribs & Corn on the Cob
The Frozen Chocolate Caramel Parfaits were AMAZING. The caramel could be stronger. The hot fudge sauce was great. Because the mousselike parfaits are so rich the portions could even be smaller. This is not a quick dessert to make, it does take some time, but definitely worth it.
Southern Pulled Pork
After a few weeks in North Carolina and a family reunion themed on remembering our roots, I wanted to spend the month of August putting a twist on family favorites and trying some Southern BBQ recipes.
Manchego, Manchego
This might be one of the best things I’ve made so far. This was a definitely HIT, HIT, HIT! Mala called it “ridiculous.” The creamy consistency is perfect in this dish and the subtle twist of citrus again the tart of the rhubarb and raspberry compote plays well together. The crust was a 5, the sauce a 5, and the cheesecake plain would be a 5.