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5 Stars
December 13 Christmas Celebration
The whip cream was perfectly yummy, the nutmeg really made the whip cream stand out. The gingerbread cake was also yummy with fresh grated ginger in it. This is a great dessert for the season...
Thanksgiving for 14
I decided to stay in NYC for Thanksgiving this year and host a big TEST NEST feast – I ended up having 14 testers. I eased a little of the stress by having others make some of the side dishes and desserts. I made the Turkey (1st time all by myself) and also decided to do a stuffed pork loin...
Fall Delights – Apple a Day
I had a bushel of apples from apple picking (hard work climbing those trees to get the good ones). I made 8 yummy recipes...the Apple Butter by far the best!
October 9 – Pumpkin, Squash, Apples
The cheesecake was definitely the hit of the evening. Not only did it look great, but it also tasted fabulous. We were all quite full by this point so I should have probably planned a lighter dessert, but since this version called for 6 eggs versus the typical 3-egg cheesecake it was fluffier and not as heavy.
Apple S’Mores
The October issue of the Food Network Magazine had a calendar page called "An Apple A Day" with 31 ways to add apples to your daily meals. Check out this fun video of how to make Apple S'mores - a fall twist on the campfire version. I strongly suggest making these - definitely 5 Star!
Mexican Fiesta
Bollywood Bash TEST NEST
August 25 TEST NEST
July 8 – Steak and Sorbet