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Christmas Day Brunch and Dinner

Thursday, January 13th, 2011
I went to Michigan for Christmas with my brother Bill’s family. I offered to cook Christmas Dinner so that Tammy wouldn’t have to and went over options with her so I’d make a great dinner that the kids would also enjoy. They invited the missionaries and a widow from their congregation to join us. I didn’t realize until I started making dinner that almost every dish had a little bit of sugar in it, oops, I rarely cook that way. It was all very yummy though so I guess the sugar overload waRead More....

The 1st Test Nest

Saturday, February 13th, 2010
The Test Nest has hatched and I thank my friends for their wonderful support and interest and for telling me to charge more money (hehe, when steak and fish are involved it will definitely be more expensive). I’m very excited to keep this going during the year. The 1st menu and its courses worked very well together. A gourmet twist on a classic pasta dish. The menu and ratings by my fantastic guest testers (Lisa Higbee, Jason Robertson, Morgan Bassett, David Caine, Vicky WalteRead More....