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Poach, Roast, Steam – Fall at its best!

Friday, November 11th, 2011
I started the Test Nest experiment to have an excuse to test lots of recipes I never had time to make, but I also wanted to improve my cooking skills by trying things I’ve never made before and that were challenging. There have been flops…but my 1st time roasting a duck was a great experience. I’d definitely do it again…in fact, this Test Nest duck was better than any duck I’ve had at a restaurant. My wonderful testers were Katherine Lum (one of my best friends who was visitRead More....

Apple, Squash, Caramel – Oh My

Thursday, October 20th, 2011
With fall in full swing I had to do a dinner full of favorites – apple, butternut, pear, turnips… It was a beautiful fall day and a perfect fall flavor profile dinner. My testers were Suzi Yebio, Daniel Evans, Steph Zundel, Andrea Metz, Amber Robinson, Russ Hill and Joon Shin (my favorite photographer). [simpleviewer gallery_id="51"]

Mulled Cider Sparkle (3 Stars)

I love mulled cider and I was thinking that it would make for a great chilled drink with a little seltzer sparkle. Read More....