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Middle Eastern Finale

Friday, April 30th, 2010
Lamb is difficult to prepare, I’ve really enjoyed trying out recipes these past three TEST NEST menus. I still haven’t perfected cooking lamb, but definitely learned a lot. On April 26, my wonderful guests (Tara Bench, Richard Atkinson, Morgan Basset, Daniel Evans, Jian Huang, David Caine) and me had a blast. I was a little nervous for this dinner as Tara is the food editor at Ladies Home Journal Read More....

Mezze Feast

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010
This Saturday marks a year return from Dubai. Of course I miss the authentic food and wonderful culture and I wanted to recreate some of the Middle Eastern flavors and dishes I came to love. The Mezze (means sampling/small plates) menu really captured lots of the flavors of the Middle East. My wonderful guests (Nicole Hernandez, Jami and Richard Gordan-Smith, Jason Robertson, Amber Mackay, and Keila Merino) and I were stuffed – that’s the problem with sampler plates, its easy to load up. Read More....

Celebrating Passover and Easter

Thursday, April 1st, 2010
I love this time of year and the many opportunities for religious celebration. I hosted a TEST NEST on Passover and while the menu wasn’t a true Seder dinner, I did have a few appropriate items. Until Monday night I had not had any “failures.” My wonderful testers (Jamie Kalama, Dan Evans, Anna Haymore, Bill Atkinson and Jon Rainey) were very forgiving about my mistakes, maybe this is why they ALL stayed to help clean up and socialize. In fact, we partied until close to midnight. [simplRead More....