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Vegetarian Test Nest

Thursday, January 27th, 2011
I’ve had several vegetarian friends request that I do a vegetarian night. With all of the heavy foods around the holidays, and the fact that I think I ate meat everyday for 2 weeks strait, I was feeling the need to lighten it up a bit. I learned a lot about the balance of food, proteins, flavors and textures from my expert vegetarian diners, and I really enjoyed the challenge. My fabulous testers included Joon Shin, Victoria Walters, Sheila O'Connor, April Thibeault and Donovan Bunker. BalaRead More....

The 1st Test Nest

Saturday, February 13th, 2010
The Test Nest has hatched and I thank my friends for their wonderful support and interest and for telling me to charge more money (hehe, when steak and fish are involved it will definitely be more expensive). I’m very excited to keep this going during the year. The 1st menu and its courses worked very well together. A gourmet twist on a classic pasta dish. The menu and ratings by my fantastic guest testers (Lisa Higbee, Jason Robertson, Morgan Bassett, David Caine, Vicky WalteRead More....