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Manchego, Manchego

Monday, June 27th, 2011
I went skydiving on Memorial Day and after wards we spent the evening in Philadelphia were we ate at Amada, a tapas restaurant. We had quite a few AMAZING dishes at this restaurant, in particular a few with Manchego. I’m not sure what was more exhilarating, jumping from a plane or the amazing food. I had already picked this menu but became more excited about it after the manchego tapas consumed in Philly. It’s probably the reason that I got a huge chunk of it at Costco, when I didn’t need Read More....

Mexican Fiesta

Sunday, October 10th, 2010
I love Mexican food! I’ve had more than one co-worker in the past tease me about always wanting to order Mexican. I think I love it for many reasons. 1) It is a perfect compliment to Dr. Pepper. 2) Cost savings - most meals are so large they turn into two for me. 3) What could be better than lime, spice, meat, cheese, avocado, beans, rice, tortillas and all of the multiple combinations that can be made with the same ingredients (in fact a few jokes were told at dinner around such a statement).Read More....

90 Recipes and Counting

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010
Over the past four months I've made 90 recipes; 13 of those were not keepers and 12 have been 5 Star. I thought I'd share a few other easy recipes that I've made which have been quite yummy. I forget to take pictures when it is not an actual TEST NEST dinner, but these were worthy recipes. Read More....