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July 8 – Steak and Sorbet

Thursday, August 5th, 2010
I was really excited about my July 8 menu, specifically because of the sorbets. I pulled these from a sorbet feature in Martha Stewart that featured six different recipes. I decided I couldn’t just do one but a sampling would be the only way to go. My guests were fabulous (Mala Grewal Harrell, Joon Shin, Jason Bond, Mindy Booth, Jane Madsen, Gabriel Jones and Heidi Klomp) and we had a great evening together. [simpleviewer gallery_id="15" bgcolor="ffffff" gallery_width ="600" gallery_height Read More....

Mezze Feast

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010
This Saturday marks a year return from Dubai. Of course I miss the authentic food and wonderful culture and I wanted to recreate some of the Middle Eastern flavors and dishes I came to love. The Mezze (means sampling/small plates) menu really captured lots of the flavors of the Middle East. My wonderful guests (Nicole Hernandez, Jami and Richard Gordan-Smith, Jason Robertson, Amber Mackay, and Keila Merino) and I were stuffed – that’s the problem with sampler plates, its easy to load up. Read More....