Sally’s Baby Shower
When I learned that my best friend Sally Atkinson was pregnant, I started the planning for the baby shower. They decided not to find out the gender and at 1st I wasn't excited about coming up with ideas for the shower, but then I got inspired by the popular spring colors (red, yellow, green) and lots of ideas started coming together. I had a lot of fun shopping for the decorations for the shower.
Some Top Notch Dishes
Since I started this project in January of last year I haven't made any recipes that I've ever made this means everything I make to eat is a trial. Here are a selection of other top dishes I've made in the past few months.
March Madness Party
I love championship games, they are always a great excuse to entertain. I've included recipes for Pigs In A Blanket and Hazelnut-Lemon Curd Kisses.
Superbowl XLV – Yeah Packers!
The complete spread included Buffalo wings from Costco, chips and salsa, a selection of veggies to go with the cucumber dip and pesto dip, homemade herbed cheese pizza, meatballs, pecan cheese ball, rosemary bread from Amy Ruth’s, crackers, candy, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and Suzi made an amazing chocolate trifle.
Apple S’Mores
The October issue of the Food Network Magazine had a calendar page called "An Apple A Day" with 31 ways to add apples to your daily meals. Check out this fun video of how to make Apple S'mores - a fall twist on the campfire version. I strongly suggest making these - definitely 5 Star!